The Stone Cottage, Skye

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Green Features

The guiding principle used during the design and renovation is:

Reduce, recycle, re-use wherever possible. Various green features ensure that the environmental footprint of the cottage is as gentle as possible.

Here are a list of the green features of Stone Cottage Skye

The first green feature is the fact that I renovated the cottage when most developers would have knocked the existing cottage down and erected a white box in its place. However it was such a beautiful, characterful building, it deserved a second chance.

As much natural light as possible encouraged to flood into the house

Passive solar gain – from large windows at the front (South facing) – and using small windows to North

Insulation up to 150cm thick in many places – bought as seconds

Reflective membrane to reduce conductive heat loss throughout

Double glazed windows throughout

Underfloor heating uses renewable technology (air source heat pump)

Ultra efficient wood burning stove

Thick stone walls have significant thermal mass to keep the house warm in the winter, cool in the summer

Lime used for pointing, to allow walls to breathe

Nautral oils and waxes used to treat wood surfaces

Most light switches have dimming facilities to allow for reduced electricity useage

Borehole water supply from 30m below the garden

Stone from the lounge/kitchen opening reused to build raised walls at the front & back of house

Wood lining within the barn was salvaged and reused from a kind neighbour

Wood beams, flooring and exterior cladding sourced locally from trees salvaged from storms and road widening work

Bare stone walls removes the need to use coverings (plaster) or finishing materials (paint)

Concrete sourced locally (Torrin quarry)